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08/16/2012 / Chika Dunu

Hip-Hop: Luminous and Dark at THE SAME DAMN TIME


Charles Hamilton continues to leave people scratching their heads whenever he opens his mouth and it has nothing to do with his rhymes. The Harlem rapper recently sat down with MTV News where he attempted to discuss his relationship and the core of his and J. Cole’s beef.

According to Hamilton, there were times where he felt he was looked down upon and had to retaliate. Understandable. But then the interview went left. Fast. He then switched gears and began talking about supernaturality.

“Ultimately it’s a very supernatural situation. Thank God we’re in 2012 and not like ’98. It was a very supernatural boy who cried wolf situation. So once his boss and I had a supernatural conversation about it, I was like, Put it on my tab kid. However you want it, foot it, cap it, put it on me, pause, and he did,” said Hamilton. Huh?!

Something is not right in the water. That can be said based off his demeanor.

Hamilton sat in a slouched position and his eyes were low, hidden under the brim of his black bucket hat. His lips were dry and it looked as if he were crying. A lot. As of late.

I loved “Brooklyn Girls”–perhaps I’m a liitle bias because I’m Brooklyn born and raised–but it was a great record. I saw the potential in him and so did XXL Magazine when he made the cut of their pivotal and coveted annual top ten freshman class in 2009 (alongside Wale, another rapper he’s had a tiff with).

Sidebar: Is it Roc Nation jealously?! Having the backing of Jay-Z?! Hey, I’m a Brooklyn girl. Sorry.

It all went downhill soon after. He was punched in the face by his (ex?) girlfriend which was documented for all to see online, dropped by Interscope Label, arrested for assaulting a police officer, entangled in many one-sided rap beefs with Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, Tyga just to name a few. And just like that, his name faded into oblivion.

In all of this ruckus, the most telling came when Hamilton checked himself into NY Presbyterian Mental Hospital. “Basically my stay here is like identical to my stay in the industry,” said Hamiltion in an interview with in 2010. “Some say the industry is like high school but its just like a [mental hospital].”

The industry is crazy. We’ve all witnessed the demise of many of our favorite artists. So comparing the industry to a mental hospital seems fitting. It’s hard to believe when all we are fed is, the damn-I wanna-live-like that side: glamourous videos, overflowing liquor, girls you can only dream about, and money to the ceiling.

News Flash: A lot of these rappers are living FANTASY lives.

Yes, most of your favorite rappers aren’t getting dropped from their labels like Charles Hamilton. Oh and let’s not forget to mention, most of your favorite rappers AREN’T getting Jay-Z/P.Diddy money. A lot of them are barely making it, living off advances that are to be repaid. It’s not all flashing lights. To have longjevity in such an industry is tough. Kudos to those who have. Kudos to those who are trying to leave their mark. Go get it!

But this is for those on the blogs, watching music videos, reading the magazines vying for the life: Please don’t be fooled by the chain. You’d have to be crazy.


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