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08/01/2012 / Chika Dunu

Is P***Y Ever That GOOD?

Rihanna’s “cake” is apparently too sweet for hip-hop heavyweights Drake and Chris Brown. Picture courtesy of

Rapper Trina rapped “so good it make em wanna tattoo my lips on em,” on Ludacris’ My Chick Bad Remix. She isn’t the only one with this problem (depending on who you ask). Apparently, Rihanna has the same problem.

A night that was to celebrate new signee Teyana Taylor to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D music label turned into a segment of VH1’s reality shows: glass throwing.

According to published reports, Chris Brown, Meek Mill and Drake were all partying at Club W.I.P located in SOHO when things took a quick turn for the worse. What began as a nice gesture by Chris Brown, in sending over a bottle of champagne to Drake ended with a gash across the chin of Brown and four injured bystanders.

But the question in all of this: Is pussy  ever worth getting a possible aggravated assault charge over?

We have heard (or know of) females who’ve sliced tires, threw bricks into windows, stabbed into flesh, give beat downs, take lives and lose lives over community d-ick. But dudes fighting over vagina? Don’t they live by the motto “bros before h-oes?” Dap each other up on smashing the same girl after have plotted on accomplishing said feat? I’m confused…eh not really. It’s all pride.

Chris Brown is the only known ex of Rihanna. The constant subliminal riffraff of his once (or still) love Rihanna has to be ego bursting. It’s a guy thing. This is why cheating is a “chucking the deuces” moment for many men. The thought of another man being involved sexually with “their” woman is a no go and must go their separate ways.

With that said, nothing is ever that good to trade in freedom for a tiny jail cell and no longer see that coveted vagina. Had they not got the memo that jails are filled with all men? I suggest they ask their fellow rap peers for a refresher course.

Rihanna is hot stuff, I get it. But fellas, stop acting like “she’s the only girl in the world.”


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